About Us

Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of the UKTRF is to secure the most favourable operating environment for companies trading in the international travel retail market. Within that overall aim, it has a number of objectives:

    • To keep Members fully informed of legislative and regulatory developments affecting the sector.
    • To promote and develop the market for international (non-EU) duty and tax-free sales.
    • To maintain the most beneficial arrangements for the supply and sale of duty and tax paid goods to travellers’ within the European Union.
    • To guard against increased compliance costs arising from new legislation.
    • To represent Members’ interests as new legislation is formulated.
    • To provide retail market data.
    • To assist individual members in resolving matters that may affect their particular business.


The UKTRF’s Members represent most sectors of the travel retail business. They currently include airports, shop operators, agents and distributors and the manufacturers and suppliers of wines and spirits, tobacco, beauty and confectionery products, representing a huge range of major brands. Membership is open to any company involved in the travel retail business; the current list of Members is available to view here.


One of UKTRF’s principal activities is to monitor all UK and EU legislative and regulatory provisions likely to affect travel retail and to communicate these changes to its Members. It also disseminates information on matters of general interest to the travel retail sector. It provides those involved in the travel retail industry with a forum for contact and discussion of questions of common interest and, where appropriate, UKTRF will make representations of Members’ interests to politicians and other opinion formers and decision makers; the outcomes of such discussions are regularly communicated to the membership as a whole.  It provides retail market data to Members and offers assistance to individual Members who have specific questions regarding the impact of  legislative changes on their own businesses. External speakers are invited to UKTRF Members’ Meetings to build industry knowledge of key issues, such as tourism trends and airport security.

Organisation and Structure

The Forum’s governing body is the Board of Directors; these are unpaid, and are appointed to represent each of the main sectors, such as airports, airlines, shop operators, suppliers of wines and spirits etc.

All Members of the Forum are eligible – and encouraged – to attend the mid-year meeting in autumn and the Annual General Meeting, held in early summer each year, to approve the accounts, the current year’s budget and to elect the Chairman and Directors. However, to ensure that they are kept fully informed throughout the year, Members receive copies of Board minutes and other relevant papers regularly. In addition, the UKTRF organises other functions for its Members, both for the discussion of current issues and to provide an opportunity for networking.


The UKTRF is funded entirely by contributions from Members. There is no set membership fee – contributions are determined by mutual agreement according to a company’s relative size within its sector. The UKTRF is a company limited by guarantee which means that, in the event of winding up, the maximum liability of contributing Members is just £5.

International Links

The UKTRF is an active member of, and major contributor to, the European Travel Retail Confederation Ltd (“ETRC”). ETRC’s members include the national travel retail associations from most countries in Europe as well as the Tax Free World Association.  The Chairman of the UKTRF is President of the ETRC.